Cugher Glass S.r.l.
Cugher Glass S.r.l.
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Refractories Experience S.r.l.
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Pneumofore S.p.A.

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Anschrift Car-Met S.r.l.
Via Cavour NO 9
31010 Cimetta di Codognè (TV)
Land Italien
Telefon 0039 0438 794 784
Telefax 0039 0438 795 320
Internet www.carmetspa.it
Mitarbeiter 40
Umsatz 11.000.000 €
Zertifikate GASTECH - GOS
Gründungsjahr 1965
Exportanteil 85 %
Verbände Associazione Industriali Treviso


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Annealing lehrs
Annealing lehrs fed by gas, electricity or liquid fuels, where the exchange may be direct, indirect or mixed.
Our plants are suited for work with the most precious of crystals and with the most exaggerated bottles, spanning through all types of table glassware.
We satisfy the needs of modern glass companies putting our experience and technology at their service. With a belt ranging in width from 60 cm to over 5 m, we can satisfy all kinds of production needs.

Decorating lehrs
The delicate world of decoration requires particular care of each detail, nothing is left to chance, everything is carefully planned and researched to reach the best results.
We have been offering our service for the decoration of hollow glass since the dawn of this market, we have grown with our decorating clients and we continue to develop both together as well as individually, new tactics to face the modern needs of new applications.


…an exceptionally successful triptych we are proud to call our own!


Annealing and decorating lehrs, also with double belt

Tempering lines on belt & spindle

Mould Preheating Ovens

Cross Conveyors


Scrapers for hot glass

Geschichte & Produkte

Specific attention has been given to the development of the complete burning system, which consists in original burners designed only for this purpose. These burners are studied, developped and produced completly in CAR-MET´s factory in order to guarantee to the customers: - High performances - Economical operating-service - High combustion´s results All machines are completely and directly studied, produced and assembled in CAR-MET´s factory. The customer has always the possibility to follow the production step-by-step before the delivery, and to take part to the cold pre-testing of the machine in our factory.

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